Gabriola Youth Dance Studio

The Problem

Hello, we are the Gabriolan Gathering Place Dance Committee. We are the determined youth of our island and we would like to have dance classes for our age group. On our island of 4,800 people, there exists a vibrant community with many recreational and artistic options for young adults but unfortunately our age group of thirteen to sixteen year-olds falls through the gap. A lot of youth our age have few places to go where they can feel safe and be active. Also, recreational activities offered in town are inaccessible to many of us because it is difficult and takes a lot of time to commute when we rely on ferry service and public transport. As a result, fitness is not a priority and a lot of youth end up getting in trouble instead of being productive in the community. More and more youth these days are getting overweight and even obese because there are not enough physical activities that our age group is interested in. We want to change this! Our vision is that of a proper dance studio with hip hop, belly dancing, and break dancing classes taught by an experienced professional. Our dance classes will help our youth focus on a healthy lifestyle and provide an artistic outlet in a community where there are few options for us to express ourselves creatively. Our vision is to have thirty people between the ages of thirteen and sixteen actively involved in this fun activity. We also plan to have live dance shows to involve our community and to give us something to work towards to display our talent.

Plan of Action

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