The Problem

In Hudson, FL toward the northern half of Pasco County, we are located just across from a elementary, middle and highschool complex. After school we must get about 150-200 kids on Fridays. We are not sure why the huge numbers, butby the looks, these teens are simply looking for something to do. Little that we are budgeted for could even come close to interesting to this age group. With this grant we could get some video game systems and keep these teens interested with something they are familar with. Much cheaper than building a skate park, this would aid us in so many ways. The average teenager that frequents the park is looking for something to do. Some resort to breaking the plants apart or writing on the walls or playground equipment. We had the luck of having a few teens bring their own systems in for a day and the response was unreal. The same teens that would rather be doing something distructive, should organizational skills and teamwork that suprised us all. Just by providing them with something that they could relate to. I am looking forward to researching this grant more and will provide anything that is required to show we are worthy of such a grant.

Plan of Action

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