Garage Mahal - Teen Hangout/Center for Creative Arts

The Problem

The Slippery University sanctioned I CARE House is a community center that is located in New Castle, PA. We currently offer programming for senior citizens and after-school programming for youth. In this next project we are looking to transform our garage into a teen lounge. We currently aren't using the garage for anything besides storage but we are devoid of room exclusively for the teenagers. The teenagers that participate in the I CARE House programming have been voicing that they need their own space to connect effectively with peers. Our vision is to adapt the space, with the help of the teenagers in the community, and provide a healthy alternative to walking aimlessly around the neighborhood. Providing an atmosphere such as, the Garage Mahal is essential to the betterment of the teens in this neighborhood. Most teenagers do not want to be home so that unite with friends are willing to do anything as long as they are outside of the house. We expect to provide a place of escape for a few hours a day from the reality of home-life. The Garage Mahal is not targeted exclusively for the youth already enrolled in the I CARE House but is also a means of outreach to the rest of the community. By allowing the youth of the neighborhood to develop the space, it will allow them to take ownership and provide a sense of accomplishment in an area where the youth need to become inspired. For more information please go to:

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