Genealogical Records through Family Bibles

The Problem

With the increased interest in genealogical research in recent years, my community's Historical Society is facing significant demand from genealogical researchers. Much of the data being sought after is contained in a collection of over 50 family Bibles. Many of the Bibles are over 300 years old and very fragile. Some of the Bibles contain calligraphy that is difficult to read, often in other languages. Currently, these Bibles are kept in limited-access archives. The digitizing of the content of these Bibles will make this history more readily accessible and available for many more generations.

Plan of Action

- Create a digital resource of genealogical information from these historic Bibles - Archiving the Bibles in a searchable catalogue to make these resources more accessible to the community - Scanning pages from certain Bibles to add photographic identification to accompany the publication. - Creating a published work to be made available for Pennsylvania's historical societies. My project is in need of funding to create this publication which will be sold to the community, at cost, as a public service. The cost to print this book is $18.35 from a local printing company.

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