Generous Jaguars/Service Learning Group

The Problem

Hunger in third world countries, clean water in third world countries, meals for the homeless, blankets to comfort terminally ill children, clean parks, brighten a families life at Christmas that has fallen into bad luck, place mats and cards for nursing homes on Valentine's Day to show that someone loves and remembers them, raise money for Annie's Hope for children who are grieving a loved one, collected shoes for the Shoeman Project, help decorate The Fisher House for all the holidays, recycle Frito Lay bags and Capri Sun, and other projects that involve helping others from people, to animals, to the earth.

Plan of Action

This is a group of 4th and 5th graders led by several teachers at Beasley Elementary School in St. Louis, Mo. Our group meets once a month. The group members vote at the beginning of the year what projects are dear to their hearts. We then plan each meeting around those particular projects. The whole school is involved in some way with these projects. The Generous Jaguars make posters to display around the school to advertise our next project or do morning announcements. The Generous Jaguars involve the school by having them help with projects. For example, first graders were taught how to make the place mats. Kindergarten made cards for the nursing homes. Fourth grade were taught how to make the blankets for the children at Children's Hospital. The entire school is somehow involved with one or more of the projects each year. We have worked with the older generation to the young children at Children's Hospital. We visit the Veteran's Hospital with gift bags at Christmas and sing carols. The veterans are all ages, races and different abilities. Families of our members meet at the park on a Saturday morning with community members young and old to help better their neighborhood park. Our members volunteer their time after school to organize the projects. They fill out an application on why they would like to be a member and what they have to contribute to the group. We also have a reflection journal after each project. They are to write what we did, how it made them feel, and what did they learn from this activity. We pride in calling ourselves a service learning club who are their to help others in need.

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