Getting Kids Hooked On Finances

The Problem

Finance is an important part of life. Yet only 0.85% of the population under 18 is financially educated and less than 1% have access to a savings account and other formal financial services. The key result: the global youth unemployment rate is at 12.6%. In some countries it is as high as 46.4 %. How can children and youth get employment, start enterprises, build assets and contribute to society? This is the World’s Financial Challenge.

Plan of Action

The Dream: Financial access, financial awareness, employment, assets building for all. Let every child wave goodbye to debt and inter-generational poverty and enjoy a high quality of life. Given the global financial crisis, is there hope? The youth say YES. They want to change the status quo We say: Let’s take risks. Let’s innovate. Let’s just do it! Let’s Reshape the Future of Finance. Children and youth are recognized as important stakeholders. Large numbers of children and youth are still not able to access the essential skills provided through financial education nor can they access financial services that would allow them to build a base of financial assets and capability. The Child and Youth Finance Movement exists to initiate, leverage and coordinate a global, multi stakeholder (read: YOU) approach to these issues and provide financial education and protection for children in all the countries of the world. We are joining with international experts and pioneering thought leaders to fulfill the first goal for The Movement: “Provide financial access and education to 100 million children and youth in 100 countries by 2015.”

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