The Problem

Girls and Guys on the Move - GOT M, is produced by Emerald Greene. It is a talk show that features youth promoting all aspects of life surrounding youth. We speak about fashion, health, social issues, culture, world news, and specifically how we can change the present state of negative images in the world. There are so many ways that we as youth can make life better for the future. There are a lot of parents that have neglected their children and we try to understand the plight of the homeless youth, the street gang mentality, the safe sex issues, the drug use and the educational decline in this country. I need to be able to produce my program and get my program on as many outlets as possible. But because I am not financially able to I really need assistance. I would be so so grateful if many more adults cared about what we teenagers have to say and how our input can help shape lives. Girls and Guys on the move, GOT M will take you to another level, bring the young and the old together, and enlighten and enhance you with the best that we can possibly promote. The next generation of youth will not be called generation X, we are generation next.

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