Official Project

The Problem

As a female student who is extremely interested in the fields of mathmatics, science, and technology, I was disappointed when I learned that the majority of girls in my community do not share my same interests. In fact, girls’ test scores in our area proved my thought. So, as a result, I started a girls-only program called Girls-Can. Girls-Can is a program, targeting girls in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, that focuses on getting girls interested in science, mathematics, and technology. The program inspires girls to learn more about subjects and careers that are typically male-dominated. The main goal is to get the girls interested while they are young so that they will stay interested in the future. Each month, the Girls-Can Program holds a meeting at a local elementary school. A small snack is provided and a guest speaker comes to talk to the kids. The girls also get to participate in small experiments that are entertaining but educational at the same time. To help inform parents and teachers about the GIRLS-CAN PROGRAM, its benefits, and all of the activities provided, I am currently in the process of creating both a website and a newsletter filled with interesting facts, statistics, games, and small projects that can be completed at home. The main purpose of my program is to motivate girls to break discrimination barriers that are based on gender. Girls need to learn at an early age that they are just as capable of achieving and excelling in the sciences as boys are.

Plan of Action

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