girls inspiration

The Problem

i have 280 students in my school and most are girls and they have low self esteem and try to harm their self's . Girls in my community also do the same , and i wanted to start this project ever since my friend try to kill herself . so i started this campaign called girls inspiration to let girls all over the world know that no matter where you come from whether your white or black you are you and no one can take that away from you , but anyways when i grew up i would like to be a fashion designer ( of topic but it connects ) so every time i walk in to the bathroom i see my friends looking in the mirror saying i'm so ugly or the boy i liked said i'm ugly so i'm ugly but i tell them " YOU DON'T NEED NO MAN TO TELL YOU YOUR BEAUTIFUL" that's my famous motto in school . So lastly all i want to do in this world is make a difference and have every girl know they are beautiful ! so the future project is trying to help me , if you don't know about it go to

Plan of Action

1.have a work shop with multiple activities 2. have a fashion show with teenage girls and take pictures and let them take them home , like a little magazine 3. in the month of February at my school we are going to have an women's empowerment week and me and two other girls made up a plague for ladies all over the world and we are going to have three speakers my aunts , i come from a very women inspiring family so i'm sharing the best . and we are doing a lot more 4. make it world wide get everyone involved !!! 5. i have also design shirts im going to give out to every girl and boy who supports us !

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