Give a Dollar, Save a Life

Official Project

The Problem

Give a Dollar, Save a Life started as an idea two summers ago. I wanted my family and I to sponsor a family in poverty, but I felt like that wasn't enough- there had to be a way to help more than four or five people. Instantly, my overpopulated high school came to mind. Attending a high school with 3000 kids (the second largest in CT!) can be a challenge, but it would be perfect for this project. With only one dollar from every student, we could sponsor ten children, and therefore benefit an entire community! I hooked up with my friend Maria who's from Ecuador, and she suggested that we give our profits to her homecountry. Over the past few months we've been advertising, talking with administrators, connecting with WorldVision (our sponsoring company) and contacting communities in Danbury. This week, fundraising starts! Hopefully, with the $3,000 we anticipate, we'll provide an Ecuadorian community (ten families, to be specific) with vaccinations, food, clean water, schooling, and animals. In the following months, we're looking into getting local businesses involved and maybe hosting an all-Spanish concert/dinner at the local Ecuadorian Center.

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