Give me a "L"!,Give me an "E"!,Give me a"T"!,Give me another "T"!,Give me an"E"!,Give me an"R"! What does that spell?LETTER!

The Problem

I have been a cheerleader for 11 years of my life. I started when I was 6 years old. It was always my dream to cheer for my high school football team on Friday nights. Eventually, my dream did come true but it wasn't the Fairy Tale I always thought it would be. Ronde' and Tiki Barber have graduated from my high school so football is the most important sport. J.J. Reddick also graduated from my high school so basketball is right up there. The girls volley ball team won consecutive back-to-back state championships for years. So needless to say, cheerleading was NEVER considered a "real" sport. Nonetheless, I cheered my heart out for every team, season after season no matter if our teams won or lost, for the entire four years I was in high school.

Plan of Action

After many more denials and untruths by the A.D., and cheerleading sponsor, the coach and I were able to convince them I was correct and we finally were able to get my entire team their well deserved, very belated recognition of years of service with their varsity letters and gold bar pins for every year they cheered. This would not have been an issue if it were someone in what my high school considers is a "real" sport. Our cheer leading squad went to the state championships for the first time in at least 8 years this year. Not one mention of recognition was made. We are one of only two varsity sports that made it to the state level this year and yet we still received no appreciation or recognition for all of our hard work and success. The football team went 2 - 10 this past year and they have received accolades.

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