Give Yourself a FreshStart

The Problem

This November the Student Wellness Advocacy Team (also known as theSWATeam) at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is creating a campus-wide celebration of tobacco free practices. Leading up to the event, tobacco cessation programs and interactive educational activities will be held on campus to encourage current tobacco users to quit. The kick-off activity, "No Butts About It," involves collecting cigarette butts from around campus and creating an eye-catching display to illustrate the environmental impact that cigarettes have when flicked onto the ground. Additionally, a breakfast will be held for those "Winners who Quit" in order to provide peer support to those tobacco users who want to quit. The week will end with a tobacco free "Block Party". Community members and businesses that are tobacco free will set up booths for people to visit, music will be blaring, and refreshments will be available. This event will demonstrate the need for more tobacco free policy on our campus and illustrate the fact that most of the students here do not smoke or want to quit.

Plan of Action

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