Giving young girls another vision of the future

The Problem

The project aims at empowering women and reducing poverty in the community. Inspiring young girls from rural areas to develop their skills and helping them to get some education will make them understand the world and know that they are also valuable. They will thus learn to be independent and know that they can make a change in their lives. In summary, it can be said that helping them will resolve social and economic insecurity and child abuse in the community. The activities planned to be carried out during the five months are mainly about sewing and teaching classes. SEWING CLASSES: This will be the main activity of the group. The classes will be about four hours daily. An experienced and skilled tailor will first help the group to be used to the sewing basics and techniques and when this is understood, it will be taught how to cut clothes, especially a kind of garment very appreciated by urban women, called “marinieres”. Then, the sewing classes will be about sewing practical. The finished clothes will be marketed and the income will be used for buying new sewing machines and materials for each girl. TEACHING CLASSE: throughout the project’s duration, an experienced teacher in this type of teaching, will deliver four hours a week classes. The teacher is a young person because it is often easier to communicate between youth. These classes will be first about getting familiar with the alphabets and numbers.Secondely, the girls will be taught how to read and how to write. It is expected that at after t four months the girls are familiar with elementary writing ant counting. They will be trained to “personal production” meaning that they will be encouraged to build their own sentences and short discussions of their interest will be organised in addition.

Plan of Action

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