The Problem

To effectively change democracy in America we must uniquely understand the problem. At Glassbooth we have taken great care to look deep into the heart of American democracy. Our findings led us to surprising and troubling trends that became the foundation of an organization. We believe these findings are actionable opportunities to create new solutions in a changing political environment.

Plan of Action

The impetus for the project rose out of a wealth of research that revealed our democracy is plagued with identity politics, shallow press coverage, misinformation, and a disengaged citizenry. In our beta run, we released the model for the 2008 presidential candidates: In its first four months two million people have utilized the site We have created working partnerships with like-minded organizations and corporations We have won numerous awards and major press accolades Glassbooth is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit. With only $15,000 in seed funding, we have already created real and immediate impact. Our ability to make a lot with a little speaks to our entrepreneurial spirit. It is now our goal to stabilize this network, expand our current products, and release new ones: “Glassbooth 2.0” - Here’s our thesis: Education + Opportunity = Vibrant Democracy. On we educated people on the presidential election and then directed them to register to vote (the opportunity). In 2.0, we plan to provide education on a diversity of issues and help users identify the different opportunities to get involved based on their new found knowledge. National Rollout – is a model. In our first run we applied it to the presidential elections, but you could easily imagine it being made available at the state and local level. Glassbooth plans to partner with local organizations to roll out our model into pilot states in 2010. Make Tank – is the product of creative minds with time and resources getting together to make change. The goal of our "make tank" is to foster the same innovation and institutionalize it within the context of our mission and purpose. GB TV – Television is still the most relied upon channel for receiving political information, but it deeply fails at supporting democracy. Glassbooth is working with a production company to bring our mission of education to the airwaves on a major network. The solutions live in experimentation and innovation. We encourage you to get involved.

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