Global Awareness Symposium

Official Project

The Problem

We are looking to end the culture of apathy all too common in schools by bringing in a group of distinguished speakers to share with students the issues facing our world and ways to address them.

Plan of Action

We would like to bring in a slate of speakers, who, in the interest of brevity, have "done something." We want to bring in speakers to address students regarding human rights and poverty, environmental sustainability, social enterprise and public health. We have started to assemble a list of potential speakers, ranging from a 19 y.o. social entrepreneur to a public health professor to (if we're really, really, really, really, really lucky) a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The idea is to put on an event highlighting issues facing our society in the present and future, to educate and motivate students and community members on the subjects. More detailed steps will be posted as details are finalized.

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