Global Citizenship Course (an elective at a small charter school)

The Problem

With this course my goal is to build an awareness in students that they are important cogs in a great churning wheel that is the world. I hope to help them see that they can each make a difference in this world, that the world is far bigger and broader than they had imagined and at the same time far smaller and more intimate. I hope to build bridges across geographic and cultural lines by empowering my students to take part in needed agricultural change both here and in other countries. The problem I am trying to solve is a lack of awareness of one's place in the world, and a lack of efficacy in our general and everyday level of sustainability.

Plan of Action

Currently our Global Student Embassy class (a high school elective in a small charter school that serves a diverse and often high-need demographic) is growing a variety foods in its school garden, is learning how to create nutrient rich soil through the composting and the cultivating of worm bins, and is learning soil enrichment techniques through the production of "compost tea." The class would like to take part in a collective mission to teach these sustainable farming methods to others who might benefit from such knowledge. It is our goal to send 5-8 students to the small village of Chacraseca, Nicaragua in June of 2014. In Chacraseca our students spend time with community members and school children, working the land together in an effort to reclaim Chacraseca's once rich and productive soil. Farming efforts will benefit the local school lunch programs and help to revive the local economy. Students will benefit from this experience on a variety of levels, but two notable gains will likely be a greater awareness of one's capacity to affect positive change, and a clearer notion of what it means to be a global citizen.

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