Go Big and Go Home.

The Problem

The statistics regarding homeless people living in our country are astounding. It is not only sad, but also terrifying to know that we have such a massive issue that is quite often overlooked. "The 2009 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) 3 documents that on a single night, 643,067 people were homeless” (HUD 2009 AHAR). The people who are experiencing homelessness come from many different places, and have many different stories. They are affected by diseases, drugs, violence and so much more that you could not begin to fathom. Whether they are a veteran or a displaced teenager, everyone deserves a place to call home. Everyone deserves a bed, clean water and a full stomach before they go to sleep. I implore you to help resolve the problem of homelessness we have in America. We can start here, and then change the world. It starts with you.

Plan of Action

I would like to ask Do Something to help me make my dream come true. I want to resolve to the problem of homelessness in America by starting in one city. I want to build a home. I don’t want it to be an eyesore. I want it to be a place where people can say they are proud to live. I want to make a place where people can call HOME. I would like to receive help from organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army to employ those who need jobs, while they can live somewhere, where they can feel comfortable and don’t have to worry about disease, drugs and violence. I want to change someone's life, for the better. We do live in the land of opportunity, after all. I will do whatever I can, to make this possible. I am determined and this problem can’t and should not wait any longer. It starts with you.

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