Go for the Green!

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The Problem

The whereabouts of my community and my environment are two aspects of extreme interest to me. I believe that the world can be changed – one step at a time. That is why I am attempting to make my small town (with a population of just over 300) of Slickville, PA more energy efficient by switching from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs. I have already constructed a pamphlet informing the community of the benefits of this change – but to truly impact their decisions I found it would be more beneficial to add coupons from surrounding stores for these light bulbs. Since coupons are now “out-of-date,” the idea of actually adding a compact fluorescent light to the pamphlet came to mind. By giving each household a light it would solidify my proposal by already providing the bulb instead of merely a coupon; however this does not come without expense. I have already sent out numerous emails and countless letters to local vendors of the needed light bulbs and their headquarters, and some (mainly Home Depot) have made an offer of a discount, but I still am unable to attain enough money.

Plan of Action

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