Go New Orleans!

The Problem

Two years ago, my classmates and I witnessed the destruction that occurred in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina on the news. We were schocked. Many people suddenly found themselves without homes, schools and jobs. Some people lost their children; some children lost their parents. Even today, many people are still without homes, and some are still in hospitals. We wanted to do anything we could to help. One of our teachers told us about a trip she took to New Orleans to help rebuild with Katrina Corps. She said it was an amazing program, so we wanted to know if there was a way we could participate. She said she would sponsor a group of us to travel to New Orleans and work with Katrina Corps. We have a group of ten hard-working, dedicated students who have a passion to help people in need. We desperately want to make a difference for the people of New Orleans, but we need financial help. We want people to be proud of the work that we have done also.

Plan of Action

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