The Problem

The GoGreen project is trying to help the environment in EL Paso area. There is alot of thing to take in concern, and we are starting at our school. We are starting a recycling program in our school that will function properly, also because not everyone knows how to to their waste properly like E waste and other componets we will have presentation and special days where we will pick up that sort of waste and take to the people that throw away that kind of waste and treat it. Also there are about 60 dogs and cats killed a day here at el paso because there is over population in the animal control centers. Our mission is to inspire the people to treat their animals like they treat their children because they are living beings that are killed because our mistreatment. There is different ideas of how to do this. Also we want to make El paso more beautiful, and make a greener world.

Plan of Action

To help the environment we plan to make a better recyclingprogram in our school and help the community know how to recycle properly in differentive products. We want to have comminity gatters like the Environmental Summit and others that show the awarness and the actions of El Paso community.

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