Going Green

The Problem

Going Green is devoted to taking paper and plastic bags out of stores and making reuseable tote bags a part of American's life to reduce waste and the dangerous effects of paper and plastic bags. I feel that this is very important because of how bad paper and plastic bags are in our environment. Plastic bags can take 1000 years to biodegrade, and both paper and plastic release poisonous materials in the water and soil as they break down. Unsuspecting animals often eat the plastic bags and end up dying because they do not break down in their bodies. Also, plastic bags are very difficult to recycle, if they ever make it to a recycle center in the first place. As Americans, we use 84 billion plastic bags a year, and the average family of four uses 1,500 plastic sacks a year. Just think of how many bags could be saved if everyone had only one reuseable tote to put part of their purchases in. The numbers would add up quickly on how many sacks were not getting tossed out into our environment. I want to start in my community and get the grocery stores involved to help me market and campagin the tote bags. I have talked to some people in my county, including a naturalist, and they all think that it is a great idea. They surport me fully. All the money that is going to be raised will be donated to the bike trails of Sheldon, and The Prairie Heritage Center to help them with the many environmental projects they have going on. I wanted to give the money back to my community and help improve nature.

Plan of Action

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