Gold Award at Peter Pan Nursery school

Official Project

The Problem

We plan to collect school supplies from local stores and larger distributors; the supplies will then be brought to particular schools in need. We are closely working with Peter Pan co-op Nursery school in El Cerrito. We plan to assist the school by donating our time and effort by organizing, renovating, and restoring the school's facilities. Bay Area schools are notorious for their lack of resources and money. Our goal is to help one of the above aspects by donating resources which should help both students and teachers alike. The main goal of this project is to give to children of our community by providing them with learning resources to help the learning process. Due to the lack of funding for our Bay Area schools, we feel that the community would largely benefit from our helping these schools. We feel that education is an important part of our community which unfortunately is often overlooked. We are both extremely organized and eager to help out our community. Our ability to be diplomatic will be pertinent in our implementation of this project.

Plan of Action

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