Good For You Grant

The Problem

Hi, my name is Shannon Brown. Homelessness I told myself as time progress with my success in this world that I would come back to my community and rebuild the Adult Home on West 7th. Street in Plainfield,New Jersey. I started out with this plan on mental status, then it went from verbal to physical. I am currently setting up a blue print of how everything would be. I figured that I would accept all homeless people from singles to families and work out a two year plan with them. I would set up a program that would help them look for a job or career. I would also; set up housing and health coverage,reliable transportation and help clear up any major or minors debts that may set him/her back. Same goes for families. In addition to the children I would set up a program that would help the children with school and a scholarship program for students who aren't as fortunate or not able to get the financial assistance he/she needs; do to parents personal reasons. I am currently going through this and hope for a change. I enjoy helping others. I am a blood donor and have worked with many different charities. Thank you, Shannon B.

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