Good For You Grant

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The Problem

There are millions of people who are overweight in the United States. It seems every generation is getting bigger and bigger, I dont mean in population i mean in weight. I am only 17 i weight 98 pounds and im 5'1 and i eat healthy and exercise, but there is this one girl who is 10 years old she is about 4'9 and she weights over 110. So whats wrong with that picture, this little girl plays out side and everything but she doesn't eat healthy food or exercise daily. It also seems there are more and more fast food places and more fast food commercials. I think they should elimate the fast foom commercials because people are dying faster because they are over weight or because they developed a heart condition. I feel they should limit towns on fast food places and elimate the commericals becasue i know when i see or smell the fast food I want to eat that juicy chicken, but i will not start craving it until i see that commercial or when i smell it when im driving through town fast food is one of the main reasons why kids and adults gain weight. Also being lazy and not getting up and doing a work out of something instead of sitting on your butt and watching disney channel or something like that. I T.V shows the PROS and the After Effect of Exercising then there would prob. be more kids doing something other than watching T.V. You see when I was Younger like 10 or show I didn't see very many fast food commercials and there weren't that many fast food places and now i see them all over TV and all over my town so they need to reduce the chub!!

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