Good Tickets

Official Project

The Problem

This project is simple but can make an impact! In this project you can get your local Police Department involved or a small group of students can do it themselves. First you need to make a "good ticket," it can be as simple or as complex as you want. *(Tip: the more simple it is the more tickets you can fill out)

Plan of Action

We gave away free popcorn at a basketball game, $5 gift certificates, pop, and other small items. -To make a larger impact, you can also put yellow dash lines(yellow tape) down the middle of your hallway. These lines represent the lines that are down the middle of the road. The kids in the hallway represent the cars and the "FINE LINE" that seperates you and bad or drunk drivers. -What to tell/ask the kids about the "FINE LINE" project. How many times have you been run into in the hallway? How many times have you almost been run into in the hallway? What are some things that people are doing while walking that cause them to run into others/you?

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