Got Connections?

Official Project

The Problem

Students in my school aren't too pumped about college. Many of them are clueless as to what they want to become and nobody is working to inspire them. There isn't internship programs or shadow programs anymore at my high school because they stopped them a long time ago. Teens in my school give up too quickly when they don't have goals and I don't want them to throw away their education just because they don't have long term or short term goals. I'm hoping that once they can shadow their dream career they can get amped up by concentrating more on grades and start looking at colleges. I want to bring back the faith within my school.

Plan of Action

I want to go around town to persuade businesses to help start up my program. When I have businesses joined I will put up flyers for those specific careers and schedule meetings for those interested. I will connect them with the business interested and they will be able to shadow their job for a week and if they are certain that is the job they have a passion for then it will be extended for a month and they will get help searching for a future colleges and scholarships.

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