Official Project

The Problem

I would like to paint a mural in the city of Phoenix. The murals can provide unspeakable wonders. It can provide a sense of hope, unity, motivation, and pride for the center in the neighborhood. Painting life and positive messages in the mural will speak about making a change in the community. It gives hope and the youth will learn to appreciate their neighborhood more than before. It also prevents gang graffiti in the area that has been tagged many times. It will also provide a sense of safe space for the kids in the neighborhood. There is a lot of unwanted gang graffiti in the area. Murals tend to be respected and taggers wont tag the walls. I would like to motivate the youth to do something positive, so that they can express their talents, help them to give back to the community, show them that their voice is important, and teach them that we as a people of diversity must work together in unity in order to accomplish goals in life.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign