Grandma's Girls

The Problem

This program involve girls reading bible stories and playing music to elderly people. Upon completing the bible stories, the girls engage in discussions with the elderly to look at intergenerational views of growing up then and now, and how the teachings of God's word affects our daily lifes. Each bible session is ended with musical selections. The girls either sing church hymns/carols or play their musical instruments for the elderly. This program is helping the girls build character and improve their reading and music skills.

Plan of Action

In Jr. High School, I had to have at least 24 hours of community service before I could graduate. My Mom challenged me to think outside of the box and ask me to create my own service learning project or organization. I searched online for ideas and came across several web-sites that offered youth grants. These web-sites educated me on the many grant opportunities available for youth. This experience has had a positive impact on everyone involved; the girls and the elderly. We have measured the success of this project by all of the positive recognition the organization has received from people in the community.

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