Green Buttons for awareness and fundraiser

The Problem

In my school, there are not enough people concerning about protecting the environment. Some of them might not know how to green our school. Some of them don't undestand the importance of finding ways to conserve evergy, keeping food waste and recyclables from landfill, and reduce pollutions. Through making buttons design contest and buttons fundraiser, there will be more people be aware of the actions we take on greening our school.

Plan of Action

-I already provided the buttons designs templates(with information about this project) in the advisor's room -already post posters. -already get some people turn in their designs -we'll make buttons at lunches or after AP tests(many club officers are busy with preparing those...) -In the beginning of next year (now it's almost the end of schoool year when we have all kinds of exmams.(AP, Finals, SAT II, California Standard Tests) Poeple at school might forget about the buttons over summer...) we will use buttons to attract more new club members and promote this as a continuous project. (over the next school year and through these buttons people might notice the fun and importance of protecting environment, and hopefully, it can become a new fashion!) -the money raised will be used to make prizes that attract more people to contribute and also, collected as environmental fund (ex: for composting system(bins, shovels), banning styrofoam, getting tools to plant trees(The website for free trees is provided below)

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