Help Green 200 low income homes!

The Problem

Low cost housing developments in dire need of "greening": During development of low cost housing development in South Africa, natural biodiversity is completely stripped. In a specific area (Witsand near Atlantis, Western Cape), the lack of natural biodiversity has caused major damage to house structures due to wind and rain erosion. By planting gardens for 200 houses, Green Communities will strive to stabilise the soil and mitigate other effects of climate change, promote food security through vegetable gardening and motivate economic development. Other than that, the area will be beautified and biodiversity reestablished.

Plan of Action

50 Volunteers pd over three days to help plant 200 gardens: Over 400 houses are being surveyed to determine 200 beneficiaries who really want gardens - we want the community to take ownership. This is one way of ensuring maintenance and sustainability of the project. In January, 2013, we hope to have gathered enough resources to start preparing the soil, establish a green team and then bring in volunteers to help with the coordination of the planting process and to plant themselves. At the end of January, 200 homes will have gardens and we hope most will have access to basic gardening tools.

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