Green up Marist

The Problem

Our high school does not serve healthy food in the cafeteria and our health classes spend very little time teaching us sustainable and healthy practices for food. Our ecology club wants to grow sustainable produce and herbs and start a composting site on campus as part of the effort to Green up our school. We have permission to do both and have spent time researching how it will best be accomplished. We need the funds to by the initial supplies and tools to begin our container gardens this summer and build the compost unit. We have a ton of interest and muscle but no money to begin!

Plan of Action

Under the guidance of our adult club moderator, we will plant our organic container gardens in May and build our compost unit. We will work during the summer to cultivate the plants and harvest the produce. We will add to the compost over the summer, adding worms, newspaper and other materials for best results. When classes resume, we will work with the school kitchens to continue composting their organic produce waste. There will be a mid-October cooking party in the school kitchens where we will cook a meal using what we have grown ourselves. The composting will continue the whole school year even after the growing season ends.

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