Groovin Down the Yellow Brick Road "Anti bullying Program

The Problem

There are youth all over dealing with bullying issues and we are here to teach them how to use their voices in a positive way and to recognize that they don't have to be miss treated at anytime. Our youth are committing suicide and very out of tune socially. This affects their grades, positive friendships and decision.

Plan of Action

What we did is we created a program that would speak to the youth and teach them to help others deal with it as well. We put together a 9 week program that can help over 150 youth at one time. We have placed the program in 12 different communities around San Diego CA. so the youth will have easy access to us. The program is free and we have set up about 5 different fundraisers and this one being number 6. Through this program we touch the youth interest and inner creativity. Our plan is to bring the community together by helping the youth surrounding them

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