Grown Up Denver 2009

The Problem

Grown Up is a one night event taking place in Denver, Colorado aiming to educate and inform the public about child abuse and prevention via HIP HOP culture, art and music. Abused children are robbed of the same opportunities of non abused children because of the stress and neglect added to their lives from abusive relationships. Years before adulthood, child abuse victims often go on to have significant emotional or behavioral problems, which can have life-long consequences. By creating awareness that child abuse cannot be tolerated in any form; be it physical, emotional or neglect, we hope to create the idea that investing in children is investing in society as a whole.

Plan of Action

One of the three events to take place in August, Grown Up Denver 2009 will not only aim to educate the public about child abuse and prevention but will also be raising money for The Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect. Still incorporating hip hop art, music, and culture; Grown Up Denver 2009 will be the focal point of the event series. All ticket sales will be donated to The Kempe Foundation. Grown Up anticipates 50-100 pieces of artwork to be sold via silent auction from 20 local and non-local artists. All proceeds from sold work will be given to The Kempe Foundation. The musical performances include, but are not limited to; The Conjugal Visits (local), Wheelchair Sports Camp (local), Mr. Dibbs (Atmosphere’s tour DJ), and One Be Lo (of Binary Star). Should Grown Up Denver 2009 sell the anticipated amount of tickets and artwork, we plan to give The Kempe Foundation $10,000. We plan on continuing Grown Up to be an annual or biannual event.

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