Half-Full Carpool Day at Sanderson High School

The Problem

Carpooling reduces the amount of traffic, saves gas, reduces automobile emmissions, and improves air quality. At Sanderson High School, we have a big traffic problem due to large amounts of people who drive or are driven to and from school. Half-Full Carpool Day is an event designed to educate the student body of Sanderson High School about the benefits of carpooling to school. On November 8, we will sponsor a school wide effort to only fill the student parking lot half full. During the week prior to this event, the Environmental Awareness Club will broadcast videos through our morning announcements publicizing this event along with providing information about the benefits of carpooling. Sign will be put up around the school for two weeks before the event to further alert the student body to the event. We are trying to find a local business who would be willing to donate small incentive coupons (like a free sandwich or ice cream or carwash) to give to those who carpool to school on November 8. The final tally will be made and on November 9, we will announce if we met the half full goal. We may do more Half-Full Carpool Days depending on the sucess of this event. The goal of this event is to encourage long term carpooling plans at the school and this event is just a kick-off to year long carpooling.

Plan of Action

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