Hallam Tornado Disaster, Inventory for Donations

The Problem

I have strengthened my community in three key ways, through my involvement in school, volunteering in the community, and passing the importance of volunteering on to the younger scouts. The improvement of my leadership skills, and character base, has assisted me in aiding many endeavors that I get involved with at school, and community, including; many DECA based projects, that I am involved with, and as the one of the captains of football and baseball teams. The Hallam community is rebuilt now, including the Hallam Church. Hallam is a small town of a little over 500 people. But, this renewal of the church not only helped the people of Hallam but also the Vine Congregation, which got the gift of giving. Vine Congregation's donations effected their whole congregation, and the Hallam congregation. This project allowed the Hallam Church to start its fellowship services again, and the healing process to begin. My team’s participation helped to expedite the process. My project has been actively working since, August of 2005. Even though funds were not our goal, many donations of items, such as a church organ, and baptismal furniture, to small miscellaneous needs were given. My partners are Vine Congregational Church, and all their members, which eventually spread to the small town of Hallam, Nebraska, and all their community. The next step to keeping this project alive will be to create a plan of action that is county and statewide. By researching and asking for other contact people to volunteer, we can set up a better system for quick and sizeable donations. The reason I am a BR!CK winner is because of my background. My grandmother always stressed the importance of getting involved, and challenging myself. I had always been shy, and grandma’s continuous challenge, haunted me daily. Always on the pudgy side, and not very coordinated, I questioned her guidance when she suggested I get involved with scouts! I wasn’t quite sure what this team spirit and volunteering really meant, but I was willing to try. The process was slow, but season-by-season, I grew taller, stronger and more confident. The excess pounds were no longer an issue. Plus, I had a network of friends, from scout leaders, to my fellow scouts, and my special buddies. Now I am 17, 6'3”tall, and in great shape. The confidence and determination I had gained from my involvement in scouts, and the steps in undertaking this leadership project, has helped me in many other walks of life. Beyond receiving my Eagle Scout, I and am a team leader in the Youth Drug and Alcohol Awareness Board, which helps teens today understand the importance of drug awareness, and staying involved in healthy activities. Also, I am a member of Nebraska's Attorney General's Youth Advisory Board, which works with the side of government that effects teens. This project, and Boy Scouts has helped me to ultimately understand the importance of volunteering, and getting others involved in their community.

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