Hand in Hand for You!

The Problem

Our community is in complete need. I want to help each and every person that I come across. Anyone who might be suffering financially should be given some hope. Especially those with children. Young adolescents who end up with no mother or father and has to desperately take care of her/his siblings should be given a chance. The homeless that roam the streets most due to a mental illness should be given a chance. I would like to create an organization that raises money for people like these. I would have a special commercial or billboard to reach out to them. When I do find them or they come across my path I plan to give them the full help that they need. For example a young girl who wants to go to college so desperately and can not because she does not have the means to, she has lost her mom to cancer and her father leaves her and her young siblings behind for her to fend for them. She is alone no money, no help from family, and no hope. My organization and I will meet her help her get her siblings into some programs to help cope with the situation. Also give them the life package which will include the necessary materials to get through a tough time. Books, vouchers, some clothing, pins, stationary or journal, list of places to go to, and keys to a new place. I would also make sure that I can help all of them get the education they need. I would find sponsors. I would do everything in my power to make them feel that it is not the end of the world there is still hope. We can come together and get people off the streets and also prevent more from going to the streets. This is minor for what I want to do, I know that I can't save the world but I can help one person at a time. I will do that! Hand in Hand for YOU will be the answer to all the hurt and fear.

Plan of Action

First I will gather friends and family to help, then we will start to get the word out there through word of mouth. I have many people that I personally want to help.I will have them participate with me in fundraisers so we can earn money or things to help these people. I will try to raise so much money that eventually I will build a private facility for these people to come to and eventually expand. There will be specific areas like the emotional part with counseling, the financial part for aid assistance, and the living part like helping with housing. Educational part to help with schooling. One step at a time. Hand in Hand for YOU!

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