Handmade 4 Hospitals

The Problem

The children in the community hospitals really don't have that many toys or things to cheer them up while theyre in the hospitals. Many can't afford much, especially with high medical costs. Some don't even have visitors visiting them! A lonely joyless hospital is no place for a child to recover. H4H hopes that through making outfits for stuffed animals and also making friendship bracelets, the children will be cheered up.

Plan of Action

One of the biggest factors in the project is getting support from local factories/businesses that sell or manufacture these dolls/stuffed animals and yarn. We have already received a generous donation of yarn from a local yarn store. I never expected the project to get as big as it has, but the responses from students, parents, and teachers of all ages has been astounding. We have over 50 participants and entire classes have taken up this project as well. Some of the participants already know how to crochet or knit, but the majority of them do not. Therefore, each person is either teaching or helping each other. For the most part, making the crocheted bracelets is difficult and the diversity of the group is a hardship, but all differences are put aside when working together on a project of such great service for sick kids in our community. Football players, cheerleaders, honors kids, musicians, 1st graders, and non-English speakers are just a few of the diverse groups that are working together for the first time to learn a new skill and join our cause.

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