HARD:NOC Teen Program

The Problem

At-risk teens in the Newtown neighborhood of Sarasota lack the skills, support and guidance they need to succeed in their adult lives.

Plan of Action

HARD:NOC is a unique program that invites potential members to participate in a 12-month pledge session during which time they receive mentoring, academic assistance, life skills training, health/safety education and exposure to the arts. At the other end of the program, our pledges will graduate as well-rounded members of a community who hold themselves and their peers to higher standards and are prepared for lives rich in success. Primary funding comes from the City of Sarasota, Florida. The City has partnered with outside agencies and community leaders in order to successfully fulfill the mission that it strives for with the program. Funding is lacking for participant rewards/incentives and for trips and events that are designed to expose teens to new life experiences.

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