Healing Greensboro with the help of NCCJ

The Problem

This was a segment in the local paper showing citizens how we can fix our local community through community meetings and individual leadership. Along with the News and Record, Greensboro, NC's newspaper, the National Conference for Community and Justice has teamed up with a few high school students to spread awareness about problems that are affecting our community. I was included in these events as one of the students that spoke out. I attended a leadership camp this summer to help improve my leadership skills and community interaction. I also attend the workshops where we plan to unite our community through school wide programs that will unite our youths. We have Workshops and Conferences that encourage students and potiental leaders to take a stand in their communitys. There students are then taught to take a stand against violence, prejudice, racial profiling, and discrimination. There is a video of me speaking out at http://www.news-record.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=multimedia&pluid=1590&playNowId=1591. My name is Moriah Girley. Click on the link and you will see my stance on the problems in my community and solutions to these problems. :)

Plan of Action

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