Healthy Food For Our Youth

The Problem

My name is Skye Rios and I am a multi-cultural low income youth. I, along with many friends, lobbied city council for months to get a much needed central space for teens to spend time, study, and offer each other support in reaching our life goals. The city provided us with the small space, bathroom and free utilities that we call Nuestro Lugar (Our Place). In the year that we have been open, Nuestro Lugar has developed substantial community support, including donations of food, furniture, appliances, and a five-station computer lab. The teen center is used as a meeting ground to collaborate in social change efforts, community service projects, and {achieving other goals}. Because most of the 150 teens that frequent our community center monthly lack family support or are homeless, it is critical that the center provide food for these teens each day after school. Currently, our food comes from the local food bank, which has a limited supply of nutritious food, and the specific foods that we do get usually do not complement one another to create balanced meals. Much of it requires cooking and we don't have a kitchen, nor access to a place to wash dishes. Currently, the volunteer staff spends a great deal of time acquiring the additional food necessary to operate the center. If we had the food we needed for a few months, the staff time that is freed up from that task could be used to develop ongoing sources for this supplemental food.

Plan of Action

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