Healthy Habits

The Problem

The MEND facility is a newly opened building which provides to the masses in the cities of Pacoima, San Fernando, and Sylmar. They work to achieve the goal of helping others and meeting each human need with dignity. MEND is a non-profit organization, which operates off more than 90% donations. They are the largest poverty agency in the San Fernando Valley and provides food, clothing, medical, vision, and dental care. Most of the staff at MEND are volunteers and this is why MEND needs all the help they can receive. I created an educational experience that involved people who are impoverish to have a chance at a better life. The event was held at the MEND facility in Pacoima. The MEND facility targets mostly the Latin community. I held a workshop that included the renown Latin speaker America Bracho to discuss the topic of Nutrition. At the event, there was a raffle which included a health food basket and an exercise basket. Also, there were available bilingual cookbooks for everyone in the audience. Inside the cookbooks are recipes, which provide healthy ways to cook Latin cuisine. The nutrition workshop was a success, there were many people who attended the event. By creating an educational experience to learn about nutrition, the only way to stay healthy and obtain a better lifestyle is though physical activity. This is why, I also created a gym at the MEND facility. Before I started my project, MEND had a vacant room that was intended for gym equipment. I received donations of exercise equipment to assist in making the gym for MEND become a reality. Currently there are seventeen pieces of equiment and I am working on finding more exercise pieces. Creating an environment where people can participate in exercise activities and live a healthy life is my goal.

Plan of Action

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