Healthy Kids - 2010

Official Project

The Problem

This program will be formed to counter the bad effects of obesity in children. Childhood obesity in America is very wide spread. In the past 10 years, the United States Government has made an effort to decrease the amount of overweight children, however, this efforts are not working. The rate of obese children has instead increased. There are several theories on the most effective way to counter the problem. Two speculations seem to emerge from the rest. They both deal with what adults should focus more on: The negative - overcoming obesity, or the positive - becoming healthy. The most effective way to solve the major problem of obesity in kids is to encourage them with positive remarks and provide them with a desire to be healthy, and that is precisely what this program does. 'Healthy Kids - 2010' puts together programs for school assemblies and encourages the good aspects of heathly living and an active lifestyle.

Plan of Action

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