Healthy Life Style

The Problem

Hey! Everyone, my name is Fizza. I like to share my personal experience with you all. I know it will be very interesting. My experience that I’m talking about here is that how I lose my weight. Now I’m very proud at myself and very help in living a very health life style. I like to share all that tips that I used to loosed my weight: 1. Drink LOTS of water 2. Exercise twice a week 3. Always work after you eat any meal and drink lots of water 4. Never drink water while you’re standing 5. Please no junk food 6. Fruits, vegetables, and light dinner every night 7. Always eat your meal 4 hours before you go to sleep 8. Never eat a meal or drink while you’re laying down 9. Don’t stress yourself 10. when are stress, find something to clam you down 11. Sleep early at night 12. Shower every day 13. Wear easy cloths 14. Don’t watch TV the whole day, 2 0r 3 hours a day 15. Brush your teeth 3 times a day By following all that tips I lost 50 pounds, in just 3 weeks. No extra money, no hard working. Just a simple tips; make my life easy for me. Now I’m feeling better, looking my best and very proud at myself. For more tips, please e-mail at any time. My address is I be very glad and happy to help you.

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