Help East Saint Louis

The Problem

East Saint Louis is known for being the murder capitol of the world. We have been called " The city of no Pity" in Novels, had television specials on us calling us the "War Zone" and much much more. One name that most forget that we have been called in the "City of Champions. HESL is a non profit organization I have been working on for a few years now and finally decided to incorporate that entails getting the community involved and providing them with a voice. Through HESL I aim to get elementary, and High School drop outs back in school and for those who are too old to go back in a GED Program or Trade school. Help the homeless teens off the streets and show them how to help themselves attain their own apartment responsibly , manage bills and improve their own conditions for the betterment of themselves. Also to provide tutoring with of course the help of those teachers willing to dedicate time to tutor the kids and build test scores. Help promote more peace and reduce the violence and drug use. These are only a few things HESL aspires to do. But with no doubt one step at a time will accomplish. I have even started HESL with its' very on fb fan page and paid advertisement. That I set money aside myself to pay for.

Plan of Action

The first plan was submitting the paperwork and fees to become incorporated so that HESL can attain sponsors. I then as mentioned before created a facebook page for HESL to get our name out and interact with not only people in the city but everyone surrounding the city and in the world. What I am working for next are three events I have scheduled for next year 2013. March, Sept and October. Titles include: Rise Above the Influence Take Charge of your Life; Domestic Abuse Awareness Month; and Suicide Prevention Month. In between these events will be tutoring programs to help students with their grades and community service projects where people in the community volunteer and help clean the area and rebuild our communities.

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