Help Gives Hope

The Problem

Teens face challenges every day. Struggles with peer pressure, family issues, perceptions of body image, school and social life all contribute to the stress of a young person's life. We also feel that many young people would love to help others in their community, but don't know how or don't have the means to lead their own movement.

Plan of Action

Help Gives Hope was inspired by "To Write Love On Her Arms," a movement that was started by a group of teens to help their friend through tough times and provide the funds for her to enter a rehabilitation center. We approached organizations and explained our goal of opening up new avenues for teens to lend a helping hand to each other. All of the organizations we spoke with were very enthusiastic and we then began to come up with different shirt designs. Our shirts are hand pressed in the basement of our parents' house using a second hand t-shirt press and American Apparel shirts (which are produced "sweatshop free"). Recently we were approached by a local store who was interested in our movement and they now carry our clothing. Help Gives Hope was also featured in a local newspaper article and on Living Vancouver, a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) TV show. Since February we have been able to donate approximately $900 to the organizations that our clothing supports.

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