Help Stop Animal Cruelty and BSL

The Problem

If i were to win/recieve any money at all i would use it to help buy supplys to help raise money for humane society's and animal welfare funds across our country, and also buy items to donate or just donate money. I want to raise public awareness on animal cruelty which i have research thoroughly and volenteered at shelters. I would also want to raise public awareness on BSL or breed specific legslation. Breed Specific Legislation is exactly what it sounds like. Taking certain breeds and banning them something i think needs to change as over 92 breeds are affected along with mixed breeds all aorund the world. Also i will be going to the elementary schools to teach them how to treat animals to help prevent future dog bites. The money would help tremendously with buying supply's for different activities. Although i do not think my cause i worthy enough i've exhausted all other funding options so this will really help to keep our program going. Thankyou. :)

Plan of Action

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