Help Wanted WORKshop

The Problem

I have witnessed a lack of social capital that can be attributed to intergenerational poverty. In my community, cyclical poverty is causing more than just a growing wealth gap, but also a growing gap in social capital. By social capital I mean the institutions and networks in which people can look to for support. These networks also provide a knowledge base which translates in social interactions, for example how to act on an interview, how to find supportive agencies, etc. My project would help refugees and low-income members of our community by providing a network of support and help as well as a resource for knowledge on employment based issues.

Plan of Action

I currently work through the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees. At first I started off teaching a class of between 5 and 15 students. I provided employment skills training classes. I taught resume workshops, interview skills, and US workplace culture, as well as some ESL training. I hope to eventually develop a "WORK"shop for members of my community with little to no education, helping them secure jobs to help lead to careers.

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