Helping the Community One Family at a Time

The Problem

My concern is that there were so many needy families in our community that necessitate action in getting food for the holidays. I tried to help out as many families as possible to make their holiday season merrier. So I, along with my FCCLA team, made a plan to help our community. First thing I did was set up a date a week before Halloween to go "trick-or-treating" for canned goods. Next I made sure this date would work with the rest of our FCCLA chapter. Then I put an announcement in the newspaper that the Springfield FCCLA chapter woud be "trick-or-treating" for canned goods on October the 23rd. Then on October the 23rd our FCCLA chapter split up into 8 different groups and went to different parts of town collecting canned, non-perishable goods from members of our community. After "trick-or-treating" for about two hours we took our collection of non-perishable food items to the Home Ec. cottage at our school. Then we counted roughly 700 items of food. Which is a very good turn-out. Over the next few weeks we sorted the food into different food categories. We then got a list of 6 families who applied for help through the local Socail Services. We then deviede the food items according to the size of family and the ages of the children. After that we put the food into decorative boxes and delivered the canned goods to the families in our community. When all the food was delivered I then put a thankyou in newspaper thanking all the members of our community who donated food.

Plan of Action

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