Helping the kids that get left behind and forgotten

The Problem

I had volunteered as a special ed aid at my old high school for about four years, those severely handicapped kids impacted my life. I learned a lot working with them, I've learned that those kids had nothing and they didn't even know it, yet they are the happiest people I had even seen. I protected those kids form bullies at the high school, people would judge me as I walked with those handicapped kids, they would laugh, give looks, and make fun of them. The problem started to show that people don't want to help kids with special needs, they rather laugh and make jokes. So as I graduated from that High School in 2012 the Special ed teacher vented to me by telling me that no one has volunteered to take my place as a aid, so there is no extra help for those kids. It breaks my heart seeing that people have a problem or don't care with helping special ed kids. I want to solve this problem and get people to volunteer to help out with the Special ed kids.

Plan of Action

What I want to do to solve this problem is explain and show people that working with the special ed department is a lot of fun, a learning experience, and benefits people in the future because they helped kids with special needs. I will tell my story of how I volunteered as a aid, how it impacted my life, and how it made me the person I am today. I will show and tell people that helping people with special needs makes you have a bigger heart and shows the good in a person. I will explain that these are the kids that get left behind and forgotten like Rudolph the red nose reindeer just because they aren't like every one else and that they are different.

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