Helping my animal Shelter

The Problem

I am trying to help the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. They are a animal shelter, and they need money, because they are non-profit, and all the money they get is from donations. The cost to keep about 200 animals fed,healthy, and happy is alot. 9 out of 10 animals that they rescue require medical attention,that meens 180 out of 200, which cost's alot, and if they have the money they try to spray/neuter the animals for free if they can, and if they can't it could be too much for the people adopting so the animal might not get adopted. Then food and water for all of the animals everyday, and then cages for all of them, then toys for them, and some need some more things. (ex. bunnies need salt lickers) This is a very important, because without the shelter many people (including myslelf) would not have animals, and alot of people love there animals alot, and the animals make them happy, and animals have saved people's lives before. I think I'm the right person to solve this problem because I have 3 pets that i got from the shelter, and I care for them very much, and I will work very hard to get the shelter money, I will try as hard as I can.

Plan of Action

Steps I took were I thought what was needed for the raffle, tickets,prizes,and people so I needed to advertise.What time would I set up?How could I try to get people to adopt from the shelter. (This is what I thought of first) First I thought of ways I could get prizes, and I could buy them. For tickets I would buy them. For advertising, I would put up posters. 1 hour before the show started. Problems were what if prizes cost too much, a solution was to ask for donations. What if tickets were a little too much, my mom said she knew were to buy cheap raffle tickets. Finaly what if I didn't get enough people. My mom said to advertise in the paper and on the t.v. My dad thought of getting pictures from the shelter. Then I thought how would I get the volunteers contacts to the shelter? I thought that I should write there names on paper. But then my mom thought I should write down there # too.

Find a Campaign